Workshop – Tech for Geographers

With Berkeley United Geographers (BUGS), the studio is hosting a series of introductory tech workshops for anyone looking to learn new skills.

They are open to everyone, regardless of experience, skill or aptitude (yes, I really mean this – anyone can learn this stuff, and we can teach anyone to code – you don’t even have to do math). Whether you’re a technophile or a technophobe, you are absolutely welcome in these workshops. 
The workshops are in the “hacktivist” style – more like a jam in the CAGE lab than a formal series of classroom sessions, designed to teach you how to teach yourself new skills in an collaborative, absolutely non-competitive environment. There are no bell curves in these workshops. At the end of each workshop, you’ll receive a certificate of completion to put into your CV.
The workshops are centered on tech skills that you might not get in other classes (unlike GIS) but are useful and fun to know:

  • HTML/CSS/JS – Ever wanted to build a webpage from scratch – or scrape the data from one? This suite of three coding languages are the building blocks of the internet. 
  • Mapbox GL JS – Maps, maps, maps – for free! Mapbox is the cartographic web design framework – with awesome location capabilities to make your own location-based map. 
  • Python – What are all those DATA8 kids crying about? Python is a powerful tool for data science and analytics – and super easy to boot. It does the math, so you don’t have to.
  • Adobe CC – For the designers out there! Bored of Canva and want to make your own designs from scratch with a professional suite of software? This is the place to start. Adobe CC includes Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign – as well as whatever else is loaded on the CAGE lab computers.
  • Blendr – 3D animation all the way! This free software allows you to build 3D objects, using meshes and skins, add visual effects and animate.
  • Unity – the game engine for beginners interested in making interactive media – it can be used for making games, AR or VR worlds – as well as models, and environments. 

Because the CAGE lab only has 30 seats, places are limited. If you’re interested, please fill out the expression of interest form here: . You have several options to enroll – either in single workshops that interest you, or you can take all six as a 1 unit supervised independent study. Please indicate your preference on the form, and note which workshops you’d like to attend. We’ll be in touch to confirm your place. 

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  1. Hi there! I am almost a year too late for this workshop and not a Cal student. But, I was wondering if you might have any resources for learning these different platforms/tools? Ideally, I’d love to take a class or be part of a learning group, but Youtube videos and tutorials are also great. Many thanks for all the help!! Would love to attend any future events if you have some that are open to the public.

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